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Created new widget - what do I deploy from the SOURCE project to the WEB SITE?

Feb 4, 2015 at 4:57 PM
I have made a new RSS feed reader control that lets you designate an RSS feed of any type and it will transform it into a nice link list control for inclusion into a sidebar.

Works great.

I'm ready to incorporate it into my Website and I assume that what I need to push to the live site is this.
  1. The folder in the widgets directory for my rss widget.
  2. the newly compiled BlogEngine.Net.dll
Is that it?

Detail of control for those interested.
I didn't want to go through a whole process of reading and parsing the different XML DOMs of the different feed types so I thought to myself "Greg, somebody has already done it and I bet there is an XSLT already out there and prepped to use." And you know what? There was.

So this control takes in whatever XML for whatever feed type, loads up the one master Feed xslt transforms it into some nice little clean HTML. and with a little simple CSS - well bob's your uncle.