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Blog behaves strangely after update to 3.1.x

Apr 16, 2015 at 2:59 PM

I've just updated to the latest version of the blogengine .net and have the following problems:
  1. While in the post you can see 6 items in the admin panel header I have only 3:
    Moreover, I can't disable any existing extensions and I see no way to change their settings.
  2. When I click on Dashboard I get redirected to the Login page and if I enter the details I will end up on home page. So I can't get to the Dashboard.
  3. I didn't find any gallery for themes or extensions in the admin panel.
Could please someone help me with the issues?
P.S. I did a manual update by copying AppData and using everything else from the downloaded archive. I've updated from 2.9.