i cant save anything

Jul 11 at 10:36 PM
Edited Jul 11 at 10:36 PM
i am setup a new blogengine site.

its works.

but i log a admin user & change and save anyting red div open "update failed".

i look a console, eror is here, i dont understand ...

please help me...


angular.js:9658 PUT http://34shoes.com/api/users/saveprofile/item 500 (Internal Server Error)(anonymous function) @ angular.js:9658s @ angular.js:9462f @ angular.js:9179(anonymous function) @ angular.js:12914$eval @ angular.js:14123$digest @ angular.js:13939$apply @ angular.js:14227(anonymous function) @ angular.js:22523dispatch @ jquery-2.1.4.js:4435elemData.handle @ jquery-2.1.4.js:4121
Jul 17 at 9:58 AM
Each time I ran in this kind of issues, it always was a permission settings problem.