Tags fail when published to Azure

Topics: Controls
Oct 1, 2016 at 12:55 AM
I'm using BE to host a blog with a custom front page. When I build from Visual Studio and locally host the website/blog, everything works perfectly.

However, when I publish to an Azure web app, the "tag" functionality breaks. If you click on a tag in the tag cloud, the browser tries to navigate to the proper URL (http://www.website.com/?tag=myCustomTag), but BE doesn't seem to recognize what's going on and just renders the custom front page.

It seems that the query parameter "?tag" is not recognized, because when I give it a gibberish query parameter (something like "?pepperonipizza") the same behavior happens - the custom front page is rendered.

As far as I know, because it's running in production, I have little debug available. Has anyone ever seen this? Or have any ideas of how to debug it?