Blogpost is only visible after a few hours

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Feb 17 at 9:13 AM
Hi there

When I write a blogpost and publish it right after saving it, I logout and search for the post. I have to wait at least 1 hour until the post is finally visible for the public.

Do I have to change something?
Thanks for helping me out.
Feb 17 at 10:08 PM
Did you try checking the blog while in incognito/private browsing mode to make sure that it's not a caching problem?
Feb 22 at 7:07 AM
Sometimes it didn't happen, but for some of my writers it happens all the time. When I use incognito it works. But is there a way to clear the cache (serverside?) by code?
Feb 22 at 3:30 PM
I think you should raise this as an issue on the GitHub page - you'll probably be able to get some more specialized help there. I don't know whether this is a client-side or server-side caching problem.
Feb 22 at 10:05 PM
Check that the 'Timezone' is correct. You find it under Settings - Basic