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Integration into existing websites

Topics: Business Logic Layer, Controls, Themes
Dec 6, 2009 at 6:10 PM

What sort of work is being done to easily integrate blogengine to existing websites?  So far that I can tell, any installation but the root directory requires a lot of customization of the source, from editing calls to the virtual path utility to codefile paths in  Page directives in the admin section.  Also, webconfig requires rewriting is and moving code files to root folders.

Allowing this type if installation would promote broader use of the product and become a completive blogging product for those seeking .net instead of PHP blogs.

Some ways to make this possible:

  1. Either Autodetect the root folder or create an appsetting in the web.config
  2. Replacing any calls that refer to the virtual path with a custom call that would look for the custom root.
  3. Reduce the settings in the main web.config, perhaps even down to a single httpmodule call that sets everything else up (it could read a seperate config file in the custom root to avoid moving variables around)
  4. Installation scripts