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Once you have BlogEngine.NET running, you are likely going to want to do some configuration to personalize your new blog. This is simply a getting started guide. Please use the Administration documentation for more complete configuration information.

1 - Name your Blog

Once you are logged in, Click on the ''Settings'' link from your Administration menu. This brings you to a page full of options. The first few are the ones you are looking for.

Name will the large title on in the blog header.

Description will be the small text under the title.

2 - Pick a Theme

Here is your chance to change the default look. Under the name and description options is a drop down with a few themes. In addition to the themes included in the BlogEngine.NET download, an additional theme pack is also available for download.

3 - Email Setup

Would you like people to be able to reach you? Would you like to get email notification of comments? Scroll on down the email section of the Settings page and fill in your email information.

4 - Save your changes

Don't skip this step or you'll have to do it all over again. Scroll back up to the top and find the button labeled ''Save Settings''. Click it to save your changes.

5 - Beyond

These are really the minimum recommended settings. Feel free to look around the admin section and if you need more information on what something does, come back to this wiki.

6 - About the Author

The "About the Author" section is currently changed only by manually editing the Theme source code.

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such a amazing application just extract and upload, i started such a big application in moments.Great work.. keep it up...bravo..