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Using Disqus (BlogEngine 1.6.1)

If you wish, you can switch BlogEngine to use Disqus comment system instead of built-in.

1. Get Disqus account

You need to create and setup Disqus account first, you can do it here:

2. Select "Moderated by Disqus" option

Log in as admin and navigate to comments/configuration section. Select "Moderated by Disqus" option and then enter your site name (you get one when setting account in step 1). If you want to test it first locally, check corresponding box. Also, with Disqus you can add comments to pages - just check the box if you want to.


3. Verify

All set! Just go to any post and verify that, instead of regular BlogEngine comments form, you have Disqus control added to the page.


4. Limitations

Disqus and BlogEngine comments not linked in any way, currently there is no import/export functionality. You can't use both, you can't move your existing comments to Disqus.

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prabirshrestha May 2, 2010 at 1:15 PM 
i created a extension to export native comments to intensedebate comments xml format and import it from disqus, but it seems disqus takes too long time to import.
hopefull blogengine will come with native importer to disqus using the apis